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Hey, I'm Debbie! 
Ever dreamed of taking your business to the next level, improving your social media presence by leveraging the best the various platforms have to offer? 

There is A LOT of information out there, and it can get overwhelming! I've been in your shoes, both as a business owner wanting to leverage social media to grow my business and someone who had a dream of quitting her 9-5 to do something she loves and inspire others to do the same. 

So what will you find here? 
You'll find various courses where I'll teach you how to master multiple social media platforms and create the most effective strategies. Everything I do has a focus on customer service & user experience. Social media is not only a powerful marketing tool but also something that can allow a business to improve its customer service efforts. 

How does it work? 
It's simple, most of my courses have a one-time fee only as well as an upcoming membership option. Simply have a look at the available courses below and click on "learn more" to discover what the course is all about. 

Who are these courses for? 
Business Owners and Bloggers wanting to learn more about social media and create effective social media strategies. It's also for employers wanting to provide their team members with ongoing continuing education opportunities. 

Why should we learn from you? 
I have over 10-year of combined training, customer experience, marketing and social media experience. I have delivered both local and online courses as well as helped countless of businesses grow their digital footprint and stand out from the crowd using social media. I pour my heart and soul into what I do, and I know that you will benefit from these courses. 

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The Pinterest Boss

  • What if you could DRIVE the website traffic you've always DREAMED of! 
  • INCREASE your fan base! 
  • Grow your email list on AUTOPILOT! 
  • Improve your customer service efforts! 
  • Take your business to the NEXT LEVEL and stand out from the competition! 
  • .....all with the use of Pinterest!