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How to Optimize your Boards and Pins for Searchability.

(Audio Training)

How to upload a pin from a website.

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🛑 Important things to do with your boards and pins! 🛑

✔️ Give your boards descriptive names, but no longer than 15-20 characters so that the name doesn't get cut off. 

✔️ Don't name your board names with just one word. Example: Blog, Social, Content, eCommerce, Dogs, etc. Be descriptive. Example: If you are an eCommerce and you want to create a board for your dog beds, do not simply call it "dog bed" call it something more descriptive like "The Most Comfortable Dog Beds," "High-Quality Dog Beds." Remember in many cases, Pinterest users are on Pinterest with the intent to make a purchase, you want your pins to be as descriptive as possible to improve their searchability. 

✔️ Don't just pin your own content, share curated content from other sources and search curated content from relevant industries as discussed in the video on how to find what your audience wants. 

✔️ Pinning once or twice per day is ok to maintain your account, but not optimal for growth! 

✔️ If you want to grow not only should you engage but also share at least 3-4 curated pins as well as 3-4 pins of your own per day. Post at different times per day or use a scheduler to schedule your pins. Most social media schedulers support pins and for Pinterest Tailwind comes highly recommend (I am not affiliated with them, I recommend them.) If you want to grow faster, you can post even more, for one of my clients we post 5-10 times daily of her own content and 5-10 curated pins daily. 

✔️ DO NOT pin content just because it's from a popular industry if it's not relevant to you or your business/industry. 

✔️ Make the Pinterest Smart Feed Algorithm work for you. As we discussed in the audio clip, ensure that your board names are descriptive. Include a call-to-action in your pins. "Click to learn more," "Download the guide now," "Shop our limited time offers now." 

✔️ Use #hashtags, Pinterest has not yet been known for hashtags to be helpful in the copy (description) of your pins. But I have a feeling this is about to change soon with more platforms joining the hashtag train making them useful on their platforms. Even if they are currently not known to be "beneficial" they do not hurt. I would include 1-2 in your copy. 

✔️ Create multiple unique images for the same content. If you want to share some of your content repetitively, create difference graphics in programs such as Canva or Crello for that same content. Even if your content or article is excellent, you never know what image will capture your audience's attention. On average I create 3-4 graphics per blog posts or lead-magnets to share them on a rotating basis. 

✔️ Use Rich Pins. Rich Pins are enhanced Pins that use metadata (descriptions) pulled from your website to give more information about what people will find when they click on a Pin. 

Using Rich Pins can sometimes increase the chances of a pinner actually clicking on your Pin, therefore, increase the likelihood of a clickthrough to your website. 

Learn how to set up your Rich Pins here: https://business.pinterest.com...

✔️ Leverage Pinterest group boards to drive traffic to your pins. Download the below guide on how to find the best Pinterest group boards relevant to your industry.