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What if you could DRIVE the website traffic you've always DREAMED of! 

  • INCREASE your fan base! 

  • Grow your email list on AUTOPILOT! 

  • Improve your customer service efforts! 

  • Take your business to the NEXT LEVEL and stand out from the competition! 

  • .....all with the use of Pinterest!  

Doesn't it sound like something you've heard before? A little familiar? 

You Pin over and over and repin whatever you can find with little to no successno trafficand no interest from your audience. I know what it's like, my clients used to know the feeling too! 

👉 That is until I formulated the perfect Pinterest strategy! 

Getting traffic is one thing, getting traffic from your target market is another. We WANT traffic from our target market! 

STOP pinning away anything that you find just because you want traffic. 

In this easy-to-follow course you'll learn: 

- How to create a stellar profile. 

- How to optimize your boards and create searchable board names. 

- How to find exactly what type of content your ideal audience/clients want. (SECRET WEAPON that you DON'T want to miss.)

- How to create a sustainable Pinterest strategy. 

BONUS LESSON: Leveraging Pinterest for Your Customer Service Efforts.

ONGOING: You'll have lifetime access, this means you'll continue having access to the content as we update it and ADD new content. 

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  • You have "some" Pinterest knowledge, but you'd love to take your Pinterest efforts to the next level. 

  • You are a product seller/eCommerce store owner, and you want to learn how to leverage Pinterest to generate more website traffic and for your customer service efforts. 

  • You are a service provider and want to learn how to leverage Pinterest to grow your email list and website traffic....for FREE! 

  • You're a blogger, and you KNOW that you can get more website traffic with the use of Pinterest, you know that you can grow your email list, and you're not sure how! 

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Hiring Debbie as our social media guru is like having a fairy godmother! She’s full of wisdom and resources to not only help you grow your marketing strategy with comprehensive steps but she also helps you develop skills to be independent in creating your own campaigns!
— Keren Chen

Hi! My name is Debbie, and I help businesses and entrepreneurs leverage social media to grow their business. I work with local and international companies managing their social media getting them incredible results these! 👇

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Before becoming my own boss, I gained ten years of combined customer care experience as a customer care trainer for various telecommunication giants with five years of combined digital marketing and social media experience. 

Everything I do, everything I teach is customer service focused! 

👉 Social Media is no different 👈

When you create an all-around positive experience for your audience, you create a loyal, engaged following. 

The strategies you will learn in this course are the same strategies I developed for my clients to grow their Pinterest, help them generate more traffic and sales! 

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I loved this Pinterest course, the tricks she teaches have been so helpful in helping me grow my clients account
— Holly Flick

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What's inside?

A blend of videos, audio clips, and downloadable guides, everything you need to take your Pinterest efforts to the next level.

✔️ Your Pinterest Profile 
Video Training + Downloadable Guide

✔️ Finding What Your Audience Wants! (THE BEST SECRET WEAPON) 
Video Training + Downloadable Guide

✔️ How to Optimize your Boards and Pins for Searchability.  
Audio Training + Downloadable Guide

✔️ How to Create a Sustainable Pinterest Strategy. 
Downloadable Guide

✔️ The email list builder! 
Downloadable Guide

✔️ PLUS: Leveraging Pinterest for Your Customer Service Efforts.
Four audio trainings + Downloadable Guide