How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar!

Creating content on social media can be overwhelming, where you do start? What do you post? How often do you post? Read my latest article to learn how to create a social media content calendar to organize your social media efforts better. 

A content calendar is a place/process where your marketing team will create content and determine what type of content will be posted on your various social media platforms. 

Why is a social media content calendar good to have? You can easily keep track of what type of content you post and when! It's a great way to ensure that you offer variety to your audience and also take the time to curate relevant content to provide your audience with a wide range of content that will keep them engaged. 

The first step to create your social media content calendar is to brainstorm with your content marketing and social media team to identify the type of content that you think you should post to your audience.  Knowing your ideal client is key to get started. This way you'll know what they want to see. 

Also, take the time to survey your competition and identify what they are going well and what you would do better. My favorite competition analysis tool is you can also do good ole research! 

Next step is for you to determine how and where you will create your content calendars. There are countless ways to do this for free. You can create a Google Sheet for your content copy and store your images in a paired folder. You can use Trello; you can use other tools like CoSchedule and Sprout Social a social media scheduler that allows for you to approve content before it's scheduled. 

How can you get creative with your Social Media Content Calendar? Check out this free weekly social media content builder that I have for you guys. It will help you generate ideas for each day of the week.


The bottom line is that you should keep organized, allow your team to be creative, think outside of the box, and ensure that you know your audience in order to deliver stellar content to your audience. 

Don't forget to include various opt-ins and offer so that you can both build your email list and present various offers to your audience. 

So, are you ready to take your social media content calendar efforts to the next level? 

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