5 Pinterest Tips to Take your Business to the Next Level

How can Pinterest take your business and marketing to the next level?

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Pinterest is one of the world’s most popular platforms for digital marketing with more than 250 million people spending time to search for their inspiration, products to buy, and things to read each month.

Pinterest can provide an amazing return on investment (ROI) for business owners. Startups and small businesses can make Pinterest work wonderfully in 2019 to drive more traffic and to sell more products and services.

Below are some useful guidelines to help you build a profitable Pinterest presence that matches your brand. Therefore, creating your business Pinterest strategy is indispensable to optimize your digital marketing efforts. Let’s get started!

Pinterest Content Strategy

In 2019, Pinterest will grow tremendously to help businesses leverage their products and services. You can also grow your audiences and gain traction in the global market using the amazing platform.

Using the Pinterest trends to your advantage is not complex, Pinterest releases a list of most trending searches each year; you can easily create keywords and topics related to your business and add content to target your audience.

For example, if you have a fashion or food business profile, there are tons of fashion boards on Pinterest to spread your word. Be strategic with the keywords that you use in your boards and pins to allow you to rank up when users search for terms relevant to your industry and business.

You can also use hashtags in your pin descriptions. Pinterest didn't use to be hashtag friendly and that is no longer the case. Although hashtags don't add value everywhere, they do in the pin description.

Using the Pinterest Search Bar

You can search the Pinterest search bar for a certain niche or target market and develop a list of keywords that your audience is looking up. Write your pin descriptions carefully and keyword rich Pinterest board; add keywords as hashtags at the end of descriptions.

Creating SEO Optimized Content

Pinterest can put millions of eyes in front of your business. The more your content speaks with your audience & the more optimized your pins are, the more people will engage with your content. Here are some tips on how to write SEO optimized content.

● Write engaging and informative blog posts

● Remember that Pinterest is a visual search-engine; creates visuals and graphics that are pin-worthy.

● Add keyword, rich data, and contextual information to your posts.

● Add a link to your post.

● Optimize your board titles and descriptions with keywords.

Moreover, keeping a close eye on your Pinterest analytics will help you determine the level of engagement your boards and pins are getting. That will allow you to give people what they desire. If you see that a certain board is trending vs. the other, the correct step would be to share more unique content to the trending board since you know it is being visited.

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Adding Original Content to Pinterest

Adding original content to Pinterest may be time-consuming; however, you can use Pinterest scheduling tools such as Tailwind to upload content and save time. Original content is important because it is what will drive your website traffic. If you are pinning only curated content, you'll contribute to other user's website traffic growth and not yours.

Tailwind is a useful tool that allows for content planning and scheduling for both Pinterest and Instagram. They also have great analytics and a Smartloop feature. This is a tool that I use for all of my clients. You'll want to check out Tailwind Tribes where other users will reshare your content in exchange for sharing other content found in the tribes.

Now repin your blogs to other boards to create more content and watch the magic happen with Tailwind.

Optimizing your website for Pinterest.

Since Pinterest is one of the most popular shopping platforms, you need to optimize your website for Pinterest to get website traffic.

Do the following to accomplish that goal:

● Add a Pinterest button to the website.

● A “Pin It” button is a must-have necessity for the website

● Use Rich Pins https://business.pinterest.com/en/rich-pins

● Use pin-worthy images in the blog content. Use tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark to make your life easier.

Benefit from Pinterest widgets available for your website.

I hope that these tips will help you increase your user engagement on Pinterest, and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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