Why You Need to Start Using Tailwind to Grow Your Business with Pinterest.

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You've probably seen various entrepreneurs and bloggers talk about Tailwind and how they love using the platform because of its effectiveness, and how helpful it's been for their business.

Tailwind has done the same for my clients and myself, it's allowed me to grow my reach, the reach of my clients; furthermore, generate more website traffic than I ever taught possible. Here are some reasons why I highly recommend that you start using Tailwind.


When it comes to generating website traffic and getting visible on social media and various platforms, sharing your content once doesn't cut it. To be visible and for our audience to know us, as well as increase our chances of website traffic, we need to practice message repetition.

Tailwind Smartloop posts make it easy for you to share your content on an evergreen or seasonal basis. My best tips for you are to create a Smartloop for your best-performing pins. You can find your best-performing pins in the "pin inspector" section of the insights as well as the "published pins" section in the publisher.

Sharing your content on an evergreen or seasonal basis will allow you to create a system where you'll get to spend more time working on your blog and business vs. scheduling pins.


They always say that it takes a village, indeed it does, but there is something different about Tailwind Tribes. Ever wished you were a part of a community where other bloggers and business owners genuinely wanted to help you grow your reach and website traffic?

This is exactly what you can expect of Tailwind Tribes. In short, Tailwind Tribes are groups of Tailwind users who are bloggers, influencers & business owners who also share content in a similar industry than yours. Typically the rule is to share one for one or to share more content than what you add in the tribes.

The difference between simply joining a Pinterest group board vs. joining various Tailwind Tribes is the user experience and efficacy of the tribes. When you use this feature, you'll get to keep track of who shared your content and how many times it was shared by others.

There's a real sense of community since in most cases when you share someone else's content, they share yours and often send you kind thank you note. The Tailwind chat in the Tribe section is also a useful tool to make new connections and share ideas.


Your business shouldn't be solely built on borrowed grounds, but we can use these borrowed grounds to grow our website traffic, reach and email list. If you take a step back for a second and think about it, we don't own all of the social media platforms and other types of platforms that we use to grow our businesses.

Things happen, and sometimes accounts get shut down, and tech issues can happen that would leave us scrambling for a while. What would you do if you lost access to the primary social media platform that generated leads for you? I would count on my email list. Tailwind is the perfect tool to grow your email list on auto-pilot.

Here's how you can do it 👇.

  1. Create an offer/lead-magnet.

  2. Create a landing page for your offer/lead-magnet.

  3. Create 5-10 different pin graphics for your offer. You can use the same text on the graphic, but get creative with the look and style all while making sure it is on-brand with your branding guidelines.

  4. Schedule each of these images as a Smartloop on an evergreen basis in Tailwind.

  5. Remember to use an optimized description and to use the proper link that will send your audience to your lead magnet.

  6. Repeat.

This is a great way to grow your email list on auto-pilot. You can do this with multiple offers to increase the number of subscribers that you receive.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? You get to try Tailwind for FREE. Try it out with a 100-pin free trial. You won't ever look back, I promise.

Until next time....