Celebrating efforts, an essential factor for any business.

Let me just start by saying that I won the lottery at birth! If there is one thing that we never lacked, it was encouragement and support from our parents.

celebrating your efforts

Each year, when we would receive our report cards, we would sit at the table with our parents, and they would tell us: “We know that you've worked hard for the grades in those envelopes, we saw you work hard and saw your determination to do well. Whatever grades are inside, today we’ll celebrate your hard work, and if need be, tomorrow we’ll make a plan to move forward”. 

Then the time came to open the envelopes; we weren't nervous; this motivation & recognition was our driving force, and we always wanted to do well because we knew that our efforts would be celebrated. 

Some may wonder what this has to do with business if anything at all. The Truth is, celebrating efforts is just as important as celebrating results. When you celebrate the efforts of your teams or your efforts, you create motivation to try even harder, a sense of community, appreciation and a drive for wanting more. 

Your goals should be results and impact driven, what results do you want to achieve and what positive impact do you bring to your community or other businesses. 

Achieving results and the desired impact is hard work; it’s important to celebrate the journey, the efforts & the milestones just as much as the results.

What do you think happens when efforts are not celebrated, and the focus is on what went wrong? You are left unmotivated, believing that the goals are unattainable and some may even be left wondering if it’s worth trying. 

Say what you will, but there is always a way to celebrate efforts and motivate yourself or your team before discussing the area of opportunity. This is also best practice for entrepreneurs and new business trying to make it. 

Your attitude and mindset play a big part in your success. Those who can celebrate efforts and progress can also appreciate the small milestones and hurdles that they overcome, that positivity will push someone one step further instead of giving up during hard times. 

Plan, celebrate, make a note of your progress, make a note of what doesn’t work, change, fail, try again, celebrate and do it all over again. 

Until next time…..