Why your brand should take advantage of IGTV!

Many of you may be wondering if you should be using IGTV for your brand.

The short answer is YES! Here are a few reasons why your brand should take advantage of IGTV! 

✅ IGTV allows you to upload videos that are up to 1minutes long. If you have a verified account, you can upload videos that are up to one hour in length. You can easily plug in a business commercial in there that you couldn't share on Instagram previously due to the 1-minute limit. 

✅ Clickable links in your description. IGTV allows for you to add links into your video description; best of all, unlike traditional Instagram the links are clickable! This makes it easier for your audience to take action when you leave a CTA (call-to-action) in your videos, especially if you don't have 10K followers yet and can't use the swipe up feature to put customizable links.

✅ Expand your reach! With IGTV being fairly new, this is your chance to test a new avenue to market your business and give it you're all! Just like many creators do on Youtube, create a regular video on a regular schedule to leave your audience wanting more. 

✅ You won't know until you try! It's simple when new apps or new features come out; you won't know if it will benefit your business or not until you give it a try! Generally speaking, there is no right or wrong way to use the platform at the moment; people are showcasing their creativity in many ways, and you can do the same! 

✅ Intimidated by Youtube? Although you shouldn't be intimidated by Youtube, if you are, now is your chance to get over your fear by taking small steps into the video world with IGTV. 

✅ When you're on the go, the most common way to record an impromptu video is with your phone and in most cases a long-form video. Take advantage of this tool to showcase your previously recorded long-form videos as well as videos that you record on the go.

✅ Video content is a dominating form of marketing, and it will remain the same for years to come. Videos have shown to increase your reach, keep your audience engaged, and for some, it's been the factor that has changed their businesses for the better. Wouldn't you want to be a part of the video movement? IGTV is a great way to get started. 

✅ Leverage IGTV for your social customer care efforts! A fantastic tool that will allow you to create videos to answer your customers/ clients questions as well as provide answers to your ideal audience and help them with their buyers' journey! Since you have the chance to record videos that are longer than your typical Instagram video, this makes for the perfect tool.

✅ Monetize your channel, if you are already a social media influencer, here is your chance to increase your rates to include an IGTV feature in your packages.

✅ Another reason why your brand should take advantage of IGTV is to spend less on paid advertising by leveraging ALL of the organic possibilities.

So far, there are only positive attributes identified for IGTV (in my opinion), take advantage of the platform, test it out, use it in your marketing strategy. You have nothing to lose! 

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