How to create a social media strategy

Creating a social media strategy is not something that comes quickly to everyone.

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In this article, we'll cover how to create a social media strategy so that you have a clearer understanding of where you stand with your social media efforts and how you can take your brand to the next level.

The easiest way to create a strategy and identify what you want to do for yourself or your client is to audit the current state of the social media efforts...for yourself or your clients.

Before you begin, ensure that you know what their goals are regarding using social media. Without a goal, you can't create an effective strategy.

how to create a social media strategy

Repeat all the steps for each platform that you are auditing. If some steps/questions do not apply to you, skip them. 

When performing the audit, put yourself in the end user's shoes. What's missing, what would you like to see, what's great, how can you do things better?

Ask the client what they are hoping to achieve with social media. This will help you identify areas of strength and opportunities while completing your audit. 

1.  What are your overall first impressions of this platform? (Look at everything, banner, posts, profile picture, anything else that you notice. Write down the good and the areas of opportunity that you notice at first glance.) Are the profile photos and banners following brand standards? 

2. What's the engagement like? Could it be better? What's the engagement like vs the following? 

3. Do you have any recommendations on how the engagement could be improved for this client? 

4. Is the client sharing curated content or only brand-specific posts? If the client is not sharing any curated content, make note of this. 

5. (If applicable) Is the client using hashtags? If you plan on including hashtag suggestions for them you may include them here. 

6. What tools is the client using to schedule content and to plan content? Can you recommend anything better? 

7. Is the client proactively engaging with their audience on the social media platforms? Talk to the client about social customer care and the importance of them also engaging with their audience. 

8. Does this client know his ideal clients and where they hang out? 

9. Does your client sell a service or a product? This will help you understand the direction they need to take with social media and help you craft your suggestions. 

10. Is the client doing any paid advertising or solely using organic efforts at the moment? Talk to them about the benefits of FB ads etc. 

11.  If you are solely doing an audit/action plan and the client will handle their own social media efforts find out how much time they have to spend on social media each day/week so that you can keep that in mind in the plan that you create for them. 

12. By identifying some competitors, at first glance how do they measure to the competition? 

13. What is the audience demographic on each platform? Knowing their audience will help you create content relevant and appealing to them. 

14. When is the client's audience the most active? 

15. Post recommendations, what type of content do you recommend for this client. Feel free to create some content ideas for the client. 

16. Other recommendations and notes?

Take the answers to your questions and start drafting a plan of action. Where will you post, what type of content will you post and how often will you post. Use some of the questions answered to identify other steps you or your client may need to take such as engage on an ongoing basis. 

There are various ways of creating more in-depth strategies but keeping it simple is always the way to go. Now that you've learned how to create a social media strategy, it's time to go take your business to the next level. 

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Until next time....