Social Media tips for recruiting agencies! How recruiting agencies can leverage #socialmedia!

social media tips for recruiting agencies

Social Media tips for recruiting agencies! How recruiting agencies can leverage #socialmedia! 

If you are an employment placement/recruitment agencies, social media is your best friend to showcase what sets you apart from the competition. 

Here are some quick social media tips for recruiting agencies:

✅ To save time, create a monthly theme and keep your monthly content relevant to that theme. Example: September theme: Job Search Help, October theme: Mental Health awareness, November theme: Candidate recruiting. Then craft both your social media content and blog posts in and around the monthly theme.

✅ Share success stories/ testimonials from both employers and job seekers. 

✅ Do some live videos giving tips relevant to one of the monthly themes. Example if you're doing a video in October and your monthly theme is Mental Health awareness, do a live video discussing how open communication between employee/management plays a crucial role in avoiding workplace burnouts. 

✅ Do a live video, or share a post giving job seekers job interviewing tips.

✅ Share information about your company/agency culture. What is your mission, what sets you apart, share an incredible success story, do a video giving an office tour, thank your top recruiters. 

Remember that your agency should want to create a user experience that will help your prospective clients and job seekers navigate the ins and outs of recruiting new client as well as job searching.

When creating your social media strategy think outside of the box, put yourself in your clients shoes an ask yourself what you would like to see if you were them. But be careful here, it’s still best to ask your audience what they would love by surveying them! 

It’s also one thing to create a strategy and leverage social media; it’s another thing to be consistent and understand that the ROI of your efforts isn’t always something you will experience immediately.

By setting yourself apart from the competition and being seen as a thought leader, you’ll be leveraging inbound marketing, your audience and a prospective audience will know where to go when they need your help! 

So if there is one key takeaway here, it’s to be consistent and stick with it! Don’t give up after a month, pivot and listen to your audience.

I hope that you enjoyed these social media tips for recruiting agencies! 

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