How to Leverage Pinterest for Business.

Alright, I've said it over and over again but let me repeat myself, your follower number isn't everything.....but who doesn't want a loyal, more engaged following?

Read below to learn how to get more Pinterest followers and leverage Pinterest for business. 

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I'll let you in on a little Pinterest trick I've used for myself and my clients. One of the best ways to grow your Pinterest following is to find who's already saved content from your website to Pinterest and engage with them. 

This is a fairly easy process and for the purpose of this article, I'll use the HubSpot Academy website since I am a fan! 

1. In your URL enter the following: website

So in real life, it would look something like this:

Here's the one for the HubSpot Academy:, .ca, that doesn't matter! What's important to remember the /source/ and the correct website URL/.

See the image below for format to follow.

how to get more pinterest followers

Ensure that you enter your URL correctly and in the format shown above. 

how to get more pinterest followers

2. Then you should see all of the pins that were saved from your website. If you click on each pin you will see who saved the pin and you can begin engaging with some of their content as well. 

Inkedclick on pin._LI.jpg



This is a great example of taking a “warm” audience from Pinterest and helping them through the buyers journey as well as turning them into loyal Pinterest fans. 

Pinterest July 24th.JPG

The beauty of this is that we already know that they have an interest in your content. This is just one quick tip on how to get more Pinterest followers. 

Do this on a consistent basis and watch your account grow and your engagement and website visit from Pinterest increase. Take my Pinterest class here to further learn how to grow your Pinterest. 

Until next time....