How to find the best social media management services.

Social Media is a powerful tool to help you put your business on the map and grow your digital footprint. But what if you don't have time to dedicate to your social media efforts. This is where looking for the right social media management services comes in. 

We see social media management services advertise everywhere, but how do you find the right person or agency to manage your social efforts for you? 

Here are a few pointers to look for: 

✅ Positive track record. Often cases many clients will have agencies or freelancers sign non-disclosure agreements. This doesn't mean that your service provider should not be able to provide you with examples of past campaigns and positive results experienced from those campaigns. Ask for reports as well as sample content even if that means that the current/previous clients name is blocked off. 

✅ Beware when the agency or freelancers over promise. Achieving long-term results on social media requires a lot of strategizing and taking action. Ongoing growth is likely to be expected but it will likely take time before optimal results are experienced as there are many factors to put into play. 

✅ When it comes to social media management services, the cheapest isn't always the best. If you want your business to experience the growth that it deserves, you'll likely need to invest more than a few dollars per hour. If you are shopping for the cheapest rates, you better believe that it's likely that this person or agency will be using tactics that aren't the most honest. 

✅ Ask the agency or freelancer how they keep up to date with industry trends. As digital marketers, it is our job to keep on learning and stay up to date with the best trends. What you learned a year ago may not be the best strategy anymore. It's important for both freelancers and agency members to keep up to date with changes in the digital marketing world. There are many paid and free resources that can be used to maintain your knowledge. I love the HubSpot Academy

✅ A skilled freelancer or agency will ask you about your ideal audience. They should ask you if you've done a customer avatar (ideal client sheet) and if they can obtain this information from you. This will help them create relevant content. In many cases, this is something that they can also assist you with. 

✅ Another tip to watch for is looking for value. Is the agency or freelancer providing value to their audience in the form of educational posts/ blogs and videos? Someone who is willing to go the extra mile to provide useful tips is likely to go the extra mile for your business. 

Now that you are well equipped on how to find the best social media management services, this should make your life a lot easier! 

Until next time....