The Most Effective Pinterest Tips For Growing Your Website Traffic

When Pinterest was founded in 2010 it was widely seen as a digital scrapbook or vision board. Today, although it is technically a search engine, it is seen as one of the biggest social media platforms. It has over 250 million monthly visitors and is regarded as the go-to space for lifestyle ideas and different tips as well as hacks, business tips, discovering products to buy and more.

If your business is geared towards women and millennials (who are the biggest demographics using this platform) you have an advantage; however, most businesses can benefit from this platform as it continues to evolve.

Pinterest should be a high priority in your social media marketing strategy. What's more interesting from a users perspective is that you can use Pinterest to boost website traffic and improve conversions. We're talking websites, landing pages, traffic to other social media platforms and more.

Here are some tips on how you can accomplish this.

Verify/ Claim your website.

Pinterest offers a dedicated Business account option and it's important to verify your website after you've set up your account. Verification is easy to do with the help of the Yoast SEO Plugin on your website or a simple code injection with Squarespace. You can find help here regardless of your website host.

Optimize your Pinterest "about your profile" description

Your Business Pinterest account description should include a clear idea of what your business is all about, including your website URL. Users who like your Pins and click on your profile to learn more about your business should know exactly where to go and what you are about.

The below information contains an affiliate link where I may earn a small amount of commission at no cost to you if a purchase is made.

Be aware of the best time to Pin

With Pinterest, as with all social media platforms, there is an optimal time to post. Most Pinterest users log in during the evenings and on weekends, therefore, keep that in mind when adding new Pins so as to maximize traffic to your website. There is a tool called Tailwind that offers smart scheduling times where it will suggest the best times for you to schedule your pins. Discover this tool here. You get to try it out for FREE for 100-pins no credit card required.

Share Pins from your blog

Every time you update your website blog, create a new pin for your new content. Your Pinterest fan base will quickly learn to count on you for new content and thus pay more attention to what you're pinning. One of the keys here is to ensure that you have a Pinterest-optimized image on your post.

Include CTAs in ALL of your Pins

CTAs or call-to-actions are what will attract new customers to your website and hopefully lead to a sale. Every time you share a Pin, include a CTA with a link to your website/landing page in the description. If your content is interesting enough, your viewers will likely want to check out your website for more information and to learn more about you.

Spend time checking Pinterest analytics often

Social media analytics are your best friend when it comes to figuring out what's working and what's not. Frequently check your Pinterest analytics to see which Pins and boards are performing the best and incorporate more of the same type of content along with links back to your site.

You can leverage analytics to discover what's trending and your demographic.

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Until next time...