Why You Are Missing Out If You Aren't Using Pinterest To Grow Your Business

By now, every business – large and small – knows about the importance of social media for creating brand awareness, improving your customer service efforts, and creating a positive user experience.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become must-haves for many marketing strategies, and many companies are also leveraging YouTube & IGTV to share video content as well as to garner their social media engagement.

One platform that many businesses often overlook is "Pinterest." Pinterest has immense potential for business, particularly in 2019. Here's why you need to include Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy.

Pinterest Recently Reached 300 Million Monthly Active Users

According to a study by eMarketer, more American users signed up on Pinterest between 2017 and 2018 than on Twitter and Facebook combined. The reason for such a hike is because of the services offered by the platform and its growing demand. It's also due to the ability for businesses to potentially reduce cost on their paid advertising by leveraging the power of content SEO.

80% of new members are from non-US countries

Data from 2018 reveals that the top four non-US countries who were active on Pinterest are Brazil, Turkey, India, and Russia. This data is a clear indication that any businesses with market segments and target markets outside of the US have a significant advantage on Pinterest.

59% of millennials have found products to buy on Pinterest

For millennials, shopping isn't shopping unless they've researched the product online. Pinterest, being a highly visual platform, is ideal for discovering new products. In fact, the percentage of millennial users who have shopped based on Pinterest ideas is at par with the percentage for Instagram which is especially noteworthy as Instagram has four times the number of users than what Pinterest has.

97% of searches on Pinterest are non-branded

Given that there are around two billion searches each month on Pinterest, this indicates a whopping 1.94 billion non-branded queries per month. This essentially means that Pinterest users are at the 'discovery' stage – they are open to options in what they buy which means that it's the ideal time for you to show them or remind them of your brand. This data right here, is what I'd like to call a "gold mine."

Users on Pinterest spend 29% more than non-users when shopping online

According to Oracle Data Cloud, browsers on Pinterest are 39% more likely to be active shoppers than non-users, making them ideal candidates for selling your products too.

Conclusion, clearly, if you aren't using Pinterest already, there's a good chance you're missing out on a wealth of opportunities. Take some time and incorporate Pinterest into your online marketing strategy as you're bound to get favorable results.

Whether you are looking to grow your email list, drive more website traffic or make more sales, it's time to use Pinterest. Ready to take your efforts to the next level? Get the Pinterest Growth Vault today.

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